Go Go Cory Carson

Format : 21x7’+ 6x3.5’ + 3x22’ + 1x42'

Putting the CAR in cartoon, Go! Go! Cory Carson is an adorable new Netflix Original animated series that combines the silliness of Peppa Pig with the heart of PIXAR, targeting an upper preschool audience. Wonder Years for the younger years, Go! Go! Cory Carson shines its headlights on humor and reflects the daily experiences on the road of life though the eyes of an eager young kiddie car named CORY CARSON. Positioned squarely at the intersection of hilarity and heart – in BUMPERTON HILLS, Go! Go! Cory Carson rolls out simple stories that capture the magic of discovery through the windshield of five-year-old CORY as he navigates everyday activities with his two-year-old sister CHRISSY, along with his MAMA AND PAPA, and a diverse collection of motorized friends and neighbors of all different makes and models.

StatusIn Production
WorkAll Assets Sets, Characters, Props (modeling, surfacing, rig) - All episodes layout, animation, fx, lighting, rendering, compositing
ProducersKuku Studios, Netfllix, VTech
Copyright©Kuku Studios