Anna & Froga

Format : 65x5'

It’s a fact of life: no one is perfect. But Anna doesn’t mind! When you are lucky enough to have a blundering frog, a pretentious dog, a sarcastic cat, and a greedy earthworm as your best friends, life will never be boring!
Our series tells the unlikely friendship between those 5 buddies. With such different characters, there can be storms sometimes, but Anna and Froga are never far away to find solutions… good or not! Come and meet the funny, amazing and sweet world of Anouk Ricard published in more than seven languages. With a “CG Claymation” style which preserves the freshness and the poetry of the original books, all the family will adopt Anna and Froga’s world!

StatusIn Development
WorkLook development, modeling, lay out, animation, rendering, compositing
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